Pre – Rosh Hashanah story and thought

I heard a true story this Shabbos that just happened and is quite inspirational. Upon reflection it really has a powerful message for us these next two days.

There is a family in town that has been growing their Judaism these past several years, with Aish Hatorah being a key partner in their development. The wife has taken two Judaism missions to Israel and has found them to be greatly inspiring. The husband (who has never been to Israel) very much wanted to go on the men’s trip this fall, but wasn’t sure if he could afford it. After much vacillating on the subject, he finally decided a couple of weeks ago that the $3000 was just too much and he would have to make it work some other time.

The next day, he gets an email from his brother urging him to go on because he has unclaimed money there. Amazingly, he logs on and finds out that he has almost exactly $3000 in unclaimed dollars that were his sitting at the state! He took this as a sign from heaven that he should go and signed up for the trip ASAP!

The inspirational part of this story that Hashem is watching us and guides us is enough to make us stop and think about things.

I would like to take the story one step further. How many of us have unclaimed blessing in heaven? How much was set aside for us last Rosh Hashanah that we never claimed because we didn’t follow through over the course of the year? Perhaps we can still access it if we “log into” ourselves with a strong spiritual push these next two days.

Let’s all make our strongest run at any unclaimed Bracha in heaven and make sure not to leave it behind.

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