JB’s Succah thought – unrefined and undeveloped:

 The skeptic can ask, why spend all this time on building a Succah the way we do? It’s only for a week; 2 days will be rained out, and we spend 2 weeks building it, decorating it, putting in lights and heaters and all sorts of stuff. Just do it on the cheap, survive the few days bare bones and that’s it!

A very legitimate question.

Perhaps one of the lessons of Succos is drawing that question out of someone. Because it gives the opportunity to reflect the question back as one of the Succos lessons:

How much time do we invest in our temporary materialism? How much time, planning and energy do we put into a house that we’ll live in for 5, 10, 20 years – compared to the eternity of our souls? How much time do we spend researching, selecting and negotiating our car that we drive for just three years? Perhaps we look just as silly as the “Succah builder”.

Food for thought.

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