Other Lulav and Esrog – thoughts, lessons

  ·        Much symbolism in the 4 species and what they represent:

  R’ Hirsch: We each are given certain abilities. The 4 species represent the 4 levels of plant life and conversely, 4 levels of ability of people

  • o   Willow – has no taste no smell, very dependent on water. Has very little use, doesn’t offer us much (good for making baskets to carry other things in it, that’ it). Some people have minimal beauty and no fruit of labor. Just schleppers.
  • o   Myrtle –  has a nice smell but no taste – has beauty, not a lot of fruit from the labor
  • o   Lulav – date palm – bears fruit, has no smell – has fruit, but the palm itself has no beauty to it
  • o   Esrog – has smell and taste through the tree itself. Has beauty and fruit.

o   Everyone is given a different level of ability in this life. We all have to come before Hashem having used it properly. If we have developed it honestly and purely and it is ours (a Lulav can’t be borrowed or stolen). We all have a place before Hashem!

·        From R’ Mutty Eisenbach’s speech in Shul

o   Each Esrog grows for 2-3 years on the tree. Survives winter and summer a couple of times before being ripe. The Rabbis say that the Esrog is comparable to the Jewish people. It survives a cold winter, a hot summer and keep on growing, remains a developing Esrog. We too, have to live our lives, survive our tests “hot, cold” ups and downs and remain a Jew through it all, keep growing and not fall of our “tree”.

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