Defining self improvement

The Bad News

The improvement we are supposed to do on Yom Kippur can only come by staring at the  mirror and making concrete action resolutions to be a better person. It isn’t the time to make any of the following resolutions:

  • I’m going to get someone else to give more Tzedaka
  • I’m going to convince person X to be more supportive to Israel
  • I’m going to lose weight (I wish)
  • I’m going to be a nicer person
  • A calmer person
  • You get the idea.


We need to think of actions we can do every day that will make us better people.


The Good News 

Our improvements can be minor in nature. Better small and doable than big, grandiose ideas that are DOA. Bite off a little bid, adapt to it, acquire it and make it your new baseline!

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