Stimulus 2

I have a wonderful idea for the next round of stimulus from the Government.

They create a special 1-800 number that goes to a new Government department of debt reduction.  When you call that number you get a special agent assigned to your case. If you can show that you are a hardworking citizen, hold down your job, take good care of your family, help in the community and plan to keep doing that, then you are eligible for the new program. The program will eliminate ALL debt you currently have! House, credit card, bank loans, bills due; everything! All this without affecting your credit badly, without any tricks like some ad on the radio. All your creditors get paid in full what is owed to them, just not by you, rather by the Government. All this because you are a good person and good citizen.

Obviously this isn’t realistic (though don’t put it past Washington to try, if it’ll get them votes) and isn’t a serious idea. Or is it? If we substitute the money for spirituality it all makes perfect sense! On Yom Kipper, in just 4 days, we have a chance to make our case for how we are a pretty good person, plan to improve and are an asset to our community. If we can make that case well, Hashem will pay down all our debts and give us a totally clean slate to start with! Better even then the radio commercials for debt relief!

Our challenge is to truly feel that our spiritual debt-load is a burden of the same weight as our financial debt-load. When we can feel the debt properly, we will rejoice at the opportunity that Yom Kippur offers and see it as a day to celebrate and grab happily!


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