Evaluating the past year

I have stated, felt and acted like this has been the hardest year of my life. The economic challenges at school and the trickle down effect it has across the board (working late hours, coming home frustrated) adds up. Though I am not a worrier by nature (I outsource that to my father) and am generally optimistic, I have felt worn down and frustrated way more than usual. 

 Then I had my “moment”.

So, (My daughter starts every paragraph with “so,”) I was standing in Shul a couple of weeks ago when we made a Kiddush for our new daughter, Esti. And it hit me; how can I go around telling everyone this has been the toughest / hardest / worst year of my life? Racheli and I just had a healthy baby girl AND we made a Bar Mitzvah for our oldest son this year. I should be talking about how this is the best year of life! 

Obviously, the problems and aggravation are still there, and are real. Nonetheless, before I come to Hashem on Rosh Hashanah with my list of “I wants”, I need to first come with my list of “thank yous”! Maybe we can all try and write down the thank you list and bring it to Shul. 

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